Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash

Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash

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A gentle, SLS free, foaming cleanser to clarify and tone the skin.

There is no doubt that the feeling of splashing your face with water in the morning is the best "wake-up" feeling you can get. However, it has always been a big no-no to wash your face in soap and water which can be drying and potentially irritating for the skin.  Most soaps and facial washes contain harsh, skin drying ingedients which leave the skin too taut and dry.

Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash removes make-up and skin impurities without over drying the skin, thanks to a SLS free foaming agent derived from coconuts.  It still gently foams on the skin, giving you a squeaky clean feeling but won't overdry or irritate the skin.

Australian Lilly Pilly and Quandong wiill clairfy and tone your skin, whilst Australian Macadarnia oil leaves skin soft, smooth and free to breath.



  • Mild facial wash
  • Gently and effectively removes make-up, dirt and impurities
  • Does not over dry the skin


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